DOUCHEBAG WORKOUT 2 is basically a point and click game where you control all the movements of your character with your mouse.
In the gym you have to drag or click to help your character build muscles and raise his mass index. You start a conversation by clicking on a character.
When out of money you have to use your cellphone and call your dad, but be sure to have enough self esteem. You boost your self esteem by working out and raising your popularity on social media.
Changing your haircut, beard and clothes also contribute to your SWAG level. Once you get ripped and popular the money will start to flow and you will have much better chances with the ladies.
Douchebag Workout 2
Tip on how to get MAX SWAG: Buy all pants and shirts and be the swag master!
Tip on how to get MAX POPULARITY: Go to phone and add friends then press back and add more and be the most popular swag master ever!
Tip on how to boost your SELF ESTEEM: Work out and hang out with chicks. You can go on a date as many times as you want.
Tip on how to improve your MASS quickly: Buy proteins or illegal steroids from the guy on the parking lot and work out. Once you go out with the receptionist in the gym you get a special access to the backdoor goods.
Tip on how to get more MONEY: Boost your self esteem and call daddy.
Douchebag workout 2 is the second version of Douchebag workout. It has many differences from the first version. Let’s play to see how wonderful it is and what was improved!
Let’s try the improved features of Douchebag workout 2 to help this guy to be awesome!
Douchebag Life Guide – Tuned Car
Douchebag Life Guide – Pimped Crib


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