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Play game Douchebag Workout 2 Unblocked Online

The Douchebag Workout 2 unblocked ends when you ultimately have 100% in popularity, mass, and swag – you enter that room that got 4 hot chick inside it whom you approach for a real quick one night.

The starting of the game is quite hilarious for it’s a guy who is socially unaccepted, got no relationship, and usually bullied by others.

He then gets suggested to hit gym hard in order to get tanned, ripped, and hit on girls – in all the Douchebag Workout 2 unblocked game’s mission is to turn into a pure douche.

I spent roughly one and half hour playing this addictive workout game, for I wanted to badly see how the transformation goes on – and how the life of this nerd guy changes.

So it all starts by buying a gym membership costing $175 (you’d have $200 in your pocket at the start), buy a protein shake, and start with crunches – 8 at a time.

Douchebag Workout 2

As your self esteem increases through workouts, you would then have you call his dad for some mone’ where you eventually would get your as* coc*ed up by your father and finally get some bucks from him.

In order to impress the chicks you would need to have a certain percentage of douchness.

To hit Linda, you would require to have a mass of 3% and she would happily date with you that would rise your swag level. There in the first place there’s a hot chick showing her butt in order to impress her you would need 75% of Swag, Popularity, and Mass. So you don’t just straight away hit her, you would be getting no response from her for she thinks her hotness is only deserved by his preferred guys.

So keep doing crunches, keep doing pull ups and increase your mass.

There’s quick hack to increase your popularity – just open your cell phone, keep adding friends, once the list is added, go back, and reopen it and again there would be a new list. In just 4-5 minutes you would have a 100% popularity level. But that doesn’t end up here.

In one workout room there would be a girl asking for you to help her stretch,  I guess she needs average 35% popularity, mass and swag.

You need to score up all the girls up there. Starting from Lynda who’s at counter to the girl asking for stretching help, to the hot chick up there facing backwards to the top floor girl who’s sitting by a monster dude.

The best part of Douchebag Workout 2 game I find is calling his father. Every time when his self-esteem get’s filled up, he would be able to dial to his father, he asks for money, get real nice slangs, and eventually some money.

You would be needed to keep on upgrading your clothes, hairstyle, facial hairs, in order to increase the swag level.

There’s one thing I am not understanding of Douchebag Workout 2 unblocked game is there’s an extra option over the cell phone where on liking them on Facebook gives $5000 and a lot of upgrades.

I guess it don’t work, or else I would have completed whole Douchebag Workout 2 game in just 10-20 minutes.

For it’s only money that can buy you those stuff and increase your swag. It costs around $750 to get tattooed – which would be unlocked after you’ve 50% of all level.

Another cool thing, there would come a guy to offer you some real cool illegal shit that gonna blow up your mass to a huge level.

I did brought that, and almost instantly I saw the result.

Well, there’s also one thing that – this game makes you understand the benefit of working out.

Like, see, that nerd guy eventually turned into a swag dude after gaining some real good mass, and getting ripped. It’s the actual thing guys.

If you’re already not hitting gym, just get a membership today.


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How to play Douchebag Beach Club

Douchebag Workout 2

How to play

Hey! We’re back again, with another hilarious Douchebag game. Douchebag Beach Club now brings you under the sun, where the girls are in bikinis, muscles are ripped and oiled up and the speakers are pumping bass. Your mission is simple; become a real douchebag by getting big muscles, increasing your swag and flirting with the ladies. Good luck bro!

Cheats description (what’s hack)

Type in the cheats menu: + 200 $: DEPOSIT, Muscle Mass gain x 2: INCREASE, Country Music to the max: COUNTRY, Unlock all pictures: PICS You need to flirt with the Cutie to unlock the Cheat Menu!
Game desciption
Douchebag Beach Club now brings you under the sun. Get big muscles, get swag and flirt with the chix!
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Douchebag Beach Club Cheats

Douchebag Beach Club is a new point and click game which simulates the life of someone trying to achieve maximum doucheness on the beach. In this game, you may or may not learn how to increase body mass for no reason, meet other douche guys and meet chicks on the beach.
Douchebag Workout
However, it can really be such a pain in the neck getting cash and working out your muscles to achieve your pointless goals in this game. So I prepared a list of cheat codes which you can use to expedite the process of getting things done. But first you have to make 6 swag points by buying items in the shop. Once you have swag points of 6%, you can then proceed to banging the first fashion chick. After successfully banging the fashion chick, the option to cheat will be available in the pause menu and you should be able to enter the codes below.

Play online

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Douchebag Beach Club

Ultimate Douchebag Workout

The sequel to our BIG hit is here! Douchebag Workout 2

Douchebag Beach Club

Douchebag Workout
Douchebag Workout


One of our most popular series is now on mobile! With Douchebag Beach Club, you can now become a real Douchebag at the beach! The mission is simple; get big muscles, increase your swag and flirt with the ladies. A funny free adventure game that will make you laugh and pass time. Several colorful characters and funny parodies.

New in Version 1.0.3

Bug fix

Link play:

Customer Reviews

Interesting game, funny, but…

This was an interesting game, and it did make me laugh at the beginning. With that being said, there are problems in the game and in the end, after having this game downloaded on my iPhone for less than 20 minutes, I ended up deleting it.
First off, there is far to many ads that play during this game. I get that they want money, so free games normally have ads that play. But it’s one thing when they play once in awhile, not after every time you do something. Literally, I can bench press for a second and an ad will show up, then a second later to open the menu another ad will appear.
Second, there is no option to save the game. I got fairly far in the game, my muscles were maxed, slept with a few chicks, and won the contest. No where during that time did it save my progress, and if there’s a place where you can save it’s not immediately known where to go do that.
Now, the reason I deleted the app and never will play it again is because when another ad appeared, it never loaded. I sat there, looking a black screen with the “Learn More” button in the top right corner like an ad was about to play, but nothing ever loaded. I couldn’t do anything, and so I stopped and reopened the app… To find that I’m all the way back to the beginning and I wasted about 20 minutes of my life. So I called it quits and deleted it.
It’s not worth your time to be honest.

Fun But SO Many Bugs

Ok this game is fun but there are lots of bugs. The biggest one is the game not saving properly! The next one is the prices for certain items go off screen so they are not viewable. Also the small animations for most background characters is nonexistent. Also the graphics are fuzzy overall. Finally, the amount of mass gained from workouts needs to be nerfed because by using boosters I got 100 mass in 5 minutes. PLEASE FIX THESE!

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Ultimate Douchebag Workout

The sequel to our BIG hit is here! Douchebag Workout 2

Levels of the Douchebag Workout 2

Ultimate Douchebag Workout

In Ultimate Douchebag Workout your main mission is to bulk up as much as possible and become and ultimte douchebag so you can become popular and score with the girls. It’s basically a workout and dating simulator. Become an ultimate douchebag by visiting gym regulary, using all kinds of products. Browse through a big collection of most horrible looking clothes, get a bad haircut, add some tan and watch your character become a real douche. Find out what kind of guys girls are really into.

Ultimate douchebag workout
Ultimate douchebag workout

Hack Information

Key 1 restores your health and energy, makes your fat = 0 and cardio = 100. Key 2 adds 50 points to all workouts (don’t press it too much you’ll have to wait for a while) and key 3 adds a level. Sorry if we missed something.

Game Description

Help your douchebag to become a body buiding machine in Ultimate Douchebag Workout 2. Select which area of your body you want to work on and complete the reps to tone your body.

Link Play:

Play online: 

The sequel to our BIG hit is here! Douchebag Workout 2

Levels of the Douchebag Workout 2