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Douchebag Beach Club

Douchebag Workout
Douchebag Workout


One of our most popular series is now on mobile! With Douchebag Beach Club, you can now become a real Douchebag at the beach! The mission is simple; get big muscles, increase your swag and flirt with the ladies. A funny free adventure game that will make you laugh and pass time. Several colorful characters and funny parodies.

New in Version 1.0.3

Bug fix

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Customer Reviews

Interesting game, funny, but…

This was an interesting game, and it did make me laugh at the beginning. With that being said, there are problems in the game and in the end, after having this game downloaded on my iPhone for less than 20 minutes, I ended up deleting it.
First off, there is far to many ads that play during this game. I get that they want money, so free games normally have ads that play. But it’s one thing when they play once in awhile, not after every time you do something. Literally, I can bench press for a second and an ad will show up, then a second later to open the menu another ad will appear.
Second, there is no option to save the game. I got fairly far in the game, my muscles were maxed, slept with a few chicks, and won the contest. No where during that time did it save my progress, and if there’s a place where you can save it’s not immediately known where to go do that.
Now, the reason I deleted the app and never will play it again is because when another ad appeared, it never loaded. I sat there, looking a black screen with the “Learn More” button in the top right corner like an ad was about to play, but nothing ever loaded. I couldn’t do anything, and so I stopped and reopened the app… To find that I’m all the way back to the beginning and I wasted about 20 minutes of my life. So I called it quits and deleted it.
It’s not worth your time to be honest.

Fun But SO Many Bugs

Ok this game is fun but there are lots of bugs. The biggest one is the game not saving properly! The next one is the prices for certain items go off screen so they are not viewable. Also the small animations for most background characters is nonexistent. Also the graphics are fuzzy overall. Finally, the amount of mass gained from workouts needs to be nerfed because by using boosters I got 100 mass in 5 minutes. PLEASE FIX THESE!

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Ultimate Douchebag Workout

The sequel to our BIG hit is here! Douchebag Workout 2

Levels of the Douchebag Workout 2


Levels of the Douchebag Workout 2

Douchebag Workout 2 has so many new features to amaze you and there are too much awesome things to use. First of all, there are new exercise equipment, like weight bench and dumbbells. To be more cool and get a laid, you have 3 levels to complete and get a 100% in all of them. they are:
1. Mass
2. Swag
3. Popularity

Douchebag workout 2
Douchebag Workout

To increase your mass, you need to take easy and hard exercises and workout pretty hard. That also gives you more Self Esteem and higher chance to get the ladies. Also, you have to complete this component to get tattoos from the tattoo artist. To train more easy, faster and longer, you can buy a different sort of protein shakes from the cashier in the first room.

Level 2 requires from you to use your mobile and make sure that, your outfit will be matched with your self esteem and body style. For that, you have so many t-shirt and pants to buy with your mobile menu and all of them have awesome and cool design, because this game is made with amazing graphics and texture.

Level 3 is a most easy part in Douchebag Workout 2, because to complete this objective and be more popular, you just need to use your mobile, where you can update your status and after every change in your outfits and body size, you can get more friends on Facebook too and by adding them, you get the more percent in Popularity stat.

Goal of the Game and Graphics

Douchebag Workout 2 is made to train your character and help him to get a more awesome social life. If you complete the game and play hard, you can open a last room, which is locked, until you get 100% in every component. But, you will play with pleasure and don’t be tired, because this game has most stunning graphics and every detail of the game is modern style, so play it and be a hotter guy in the world.

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Douchebag Life Guide – Tuned Car


DOUCHEBAG WORKOUT 2 is basically a point and click game where you control all the movements of your character with your mouse.
In the gym you have to drag or click to help your character build muscles and raise his mass index. You start a conversation by clicking on a character.
When out of money you have to use your cellphone and call your dad, but be sure to have enough self esteem. You boost your self esteem by working out and raising your popularity on social media.
Changing your haircut, beard and clothes also contribute to your SWAG level. Once you get ripped and popular the money will start to flow and you will have much better chances with the ladies.
Douchebag Workout 2
Tip on how to get MAX SWAG: Buy all pants and shirts and be the swag master!
Tip on how to get MAX POPULARITY: Go to phone and add friends then press back and add more and be the most popular swag master ever!
Tip on how to boost your SELF ESTEEM: Work out and hang out with chicks. You can go on a date as many times as you want.
Tip on how to improve your MASS quickly: Buy proteins or illegal steroids from the guy on the parking lot and work out. Once you go out with the receptionist in the gym you get a special access to the backdoor goods.
Tip on how to get more MONEY: Boost your self esteem and call daddy.
Douchebag workout 2 is the second version of Douchebag workout. It has many differences from the first version. Let’s play to see how wonderful it is and what was improved!
Let’s try the improved features of Douchebag workout 2 to help this guy to be awesome!
Douchebag Life Guide – Tuned Car
Douchebag Life Guide – Pimped Crib

Douchebag Life Guide – Energy

Douchebag Workout 2

Energy is important for various activities in the game Douchebag Workout. You can gain energy by sleeping or eating. Your fridge is located in the living room and always offers a healthy meal for $20 and a protein pack for $40. After going clubbin’ you will sleep and regain energy, but you can always sleep during the day if you like but you will lose a day.

Tip: Eating a Protein pack will fill your energy to the max, so you only need to eat when your energy is at the lowest. Sleeping is not really necessary. Douchebag Workout 2

Douchebag Life

Try Douchebag Life this point and click game where you have 14 days to reach level 6 douchebag. You have to attend the party every day and score some of the prettiest girls. Reach your douchiness by going to work, shopping,visiting beauty salon and ofcourse partying hard!The main goal in this game is to attend a pool party in 14 days. In the meantime you have to pimp your life and have fun with the ladies.

Wanna become a real douchebag but not quite sure how? Check out this guide to find out how to become the ultimate douchebag AND complete Douchebag Life – Douchebag workout! And you thought nothing was free anymore…

Douchebag workout
CHEAT CODES for Douchebag Life Game
To use the following cheats you must hold Shift and a letter on your keyboard.
Shift u : Makes the time go backwards one hour.
Shift i : Makes the time go forward one hour.
Shift s : Gives you $10
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Play Douchebag Workout Game for Free

Tired of being laughed at? Tired of being rejected by the ladies? Get the Ultimate Douchebag Workout Super Duty Master Flex!!

Douchebag workout 2
Let’s get Bulk !!! ( By the way … this game is a joke … )

Help the skinny man achieve his lifelong dream in Douchebag Workout 2. He wants to become a cool muscle hunk. Therefore, you have to guide him through as he performs his ultimate douchebag workout routines.

Help your nerdy client as he tries to keep up with his everyday exercise routines. Once he becomes a muscle man, he will feel more confident to flirt with hot chicks.

Link play

Douchebag Workout 2

Douchebag workout 2 is the second version of Douchebag workout. It has many differences from the first version. Let’s play to see how wonderful it is and what was improved!

Click here to play Douchebag Workout 2


First, different from Douchebag workout, Douchebag workout 2 starts with this introduction:

– Hey you!

– Who? Me?

– Tired of being a stain on the face of the Earth?

– Huh… Yeah!

– Tired of being less than nothing?

– Huh…guess.

– Wanna hook up with girls like this?

– Yeah!

– Wanna look like this guy?

– Hell no!

– Well you know this guy hooked up with this girl…

– So oo!

– Wanna look like this guy?

– Yes!

– OK!!!


As you see, this introduction is much longer than the first version’s one, which is more detailed, make you understand what the aim of the game is.

Moreover, the design is so much different from Douchebagworkout. In the first version, the main character is a skinny guy who wants to have muscles, to be healthier, more fashionable. However, in Douchebag workout 2, the main character is an ugly guy. Your mission is to renew him, so that he can hook up with the sexy girl appearing in the introduction.


The scene of Douchebag workout 2 is in a big modern gymnasium where this guy does the gym to be stronger. In the first version, that guy doesn’t have to pay for doing the gym, food, clothes. In this version, the guy has to pay for everything, but he can call his father to ask for money. It seems interesting. And this is what his father says when he ask for some money.


Let’s try the improved features of Douchebag workout 2 to help this guy to be awesome!